What Is SEO?

Naturally these statistics are hard to ignore, SEO for small to medium sized businesses has now become an essential tool for their marketing campaigns

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Search Engine Optimisation Explained

Google search is separated into three main main sets of results. At the top you have the sponsored listings, also known as pay-per-click or Google Adwords. Then you have the map listings and then underneath, we have what we call the organic search results. SEO is the process of getting you listed in the map and organic listings.

Search Gurus are specialists in getting your website listed in the organic search results and in the map listings on page one of Google here are some statistics showing why you need SEO:

  • 70-80% of Google users ignore the sponsored listings and focus on the organic search and map results.

  • 80% of users never scroll past page one

  • 80% of all buying decisions whether it comes to products or services start with a search engine 

  • Users are three times as likely to click your listing in maps if you have the gold star reviews showing

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Above is a screenshot of our client Advance Pest Control Bristol who is page 1 position 1, read their testimonial here

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