Competitive Analysis


Getting Ahead of Your Competitors

One of the first and most important steps of any SEO campaign is to engage in competitive analysis; studying your main competitors and finding out how they have achieved the rankings they have achieved. This process should identify what your SEO targets are and provide data which will enable us to develop a realistic and cohesive strategy.

competitive analysis

Step 1

Identify Your Competitors

The first step is a fairly simple process, we simply type the keywords we’re targeting into Google and take note of the top ten Google listings, the reason these guys are on page one is because they are doing something right and we need to know what.

Step 2

Link Gap Analysis

Link gap analysis is the process of identifying your competitors backlinks to see if there any opportunities where you might also obtain the same or similar links. Links are essential for driving your rankings up. Links are difficult to obtain, so we use intelligence and data to determine where we might find good links that are easier to obtain using specialist tools such as SEMRush.

Step 3

Staying Ahead of The Game

Copying the strategy of your competitors will get you to a position where by you are competing with the websites on page one, but for us that’s not enough, to stay ahead of the game and maintain our top rankings we need to go one better than them. We then start developing your SEO campaign using strategies that your competitors are not using. This proven strategy will ensure we outrank the websites that already have the top spots on Google.

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